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The Skinny With Fat Doc and Malibu Macie

Feb 26, 2019

Who's fault is it that you're overweight? We blame ourselves, but this episode will delve into the issues that have created an 80% overweight population in the U.S. We live in an Obesogenic world. Dr. Oliver and Macie will take you through the cure. 

Feb 12, 2019

We all need them if we plan to succeed at our weight loss endeavor. Find out the difference between a coach and a mentor as Malibu Macie and Fat Doc go over their importance.  Accountability and guidance will move you toward the lean you.

Feb 5, 2019

Which food products are killers?  The "White Poisons" will cause Weight gain, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Low resistance to infection, and blood vessel damage.  Dr. Oliver and Macie will guide you to reduce or eliminate much of the poisons from your diet.  They will help you...