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The Skinny With Fat Doc and Malibu Macie

Jan 28, 2020

People are constantly searching for the latest, greatest, easiest diet in the world.  There are many great dietary regimens to lose weight, maintain weight, and live healthfully.  We must find a healthful dietary plan that we can enjoy, live with, and stay on indefinitely.  That would be the best diet in the world. 

Jan 21, 2020

Once a goal is established, it requires a high level of commitment to achieve it.  Commitment is doing what we said we would do long after the emotion at the time we said it is gone.  It's saying what you mean and meaning what you say and then having the rubber meet the road, walking the talk, and a hundred other...

The Skinny- Show 87- 2020 Vision

Jan 14, 2020

To accomplish great things we must have a vision for our future.  Once we can see where we are going, we must formulate an action plan to get there.  Next comes persistence and daily work.  This episode goes into establishing your vision for the coming year.  Is your vision a healthy, fit, lean, wonderful body?  Let's...

Jan 7, 2020

We settle for too much in life.  When it comes to health, we should never settle for mediocre health or especially poor health.  If you carry excess body fat you are unhealthy.  Don't settle for that.  Dr. Oliver and Macie discuss the age old destroyer...settling for.