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The Skinny With Fat Doc and Malibu Macie

May 20, 2020

Focus is required to reach goals and achieve victories.  Problem is...there are too many distractions that pull us away from our true desires.  Figure out the distractions that keep saying "look over here, look over here, look over here," and we can master our dreams, our goals, and our lives.

May 12, 2020

The best way to avoid sickness, illness, and attach by Covid 19 is to stay healthy.  Studies show that people with 2 or more underlying health problems are at greatest risk from the virus.  Losing weight and exercising can reduce the risk. Learn more now.

May 5, 2020

People who do things faster tend to accomplish more.  Losing weight happens to follow this same pattern.  Studies actually demonstrate that losing weight faster at the beginning leads to longer maintenance of lower body weight.  Dr. Oliver and Macie discuss speed and doing it...